Sharon Steel / Midvale Tailings

Sharon Steel/Midvale Tailings Geosynthetic Capping Project

Midvale, Utah

The Sharon Steel site was a former milling operation that operated from 1906 to 1971. During milling operations on the 270 acre site, tailings were slurried into settlement ponds resulting in approximately 10.7 million cubic yards of lead, cadmium, and arsenic contaminated materials covering the site.

Cleanup of the site was divided into three phases:

  1. Excavating and relocating 2.4 million cubic yards of contaminated material.
  2. Installing 7.5 million square feet of geosynthetic cap consisting of a layer of geosynthetic clay liner, a layer of 30 mil PVC liner, covered with a composite textile/net drain.
  3. Restoring 18acres of wetlands, installing groundwater monitoring wells, and landscaping 170 acres.