Geomembranes – Agru America Inc is the only US manufacturer of HDPE and LLDPE geomembranes using the flat die extrusion calendared process to produce structured geomembrane for the US and international civil/environmental market.

Geosynthetic Clay Liners (GCLs) – combines geosynthetics with sodium bentonite clay to form a highly impermeable barrier that often replaces thick layers of expensive compacted clay.

Geonets and Geocomposites – drainage products designed to complement or replace sand, stone and gravel; create leak detection layers and offer geomembrane protection.

Geotextiles – the most uniform, consistent and versatile nonwoven geotextile products on the market.

Concrete Protection Liners – Sure Grip HDPE & PP maintains excellent physical & chemical properties with principal applications for sealing & protection. Existing concrete & steel structures can also be relined.

Closure Turf – an economical, environmentally friendly impermeable synthetic grass cover that eliminates the headaches of traditional vegetative closure systems by offering greater erosion control, exceptional slope stability, lower gas emissions and decreased leachate through the ease of closing in more frequent increments in a solution specifically designed to reduce construction and long-term maintenance costs.

GeoWeb® Cellular Confinement System

Soil Stabilization Vertical Earth Retention Slope Protection Channel Reinforcement Low Water Crossing Load Support

GeoBlock® Porous Pavement System - The GeoBlock vegetated porous pavement system, manufactured from up to 100% recycled polyethylene, is a series of interlocking blocks designed to offer turf protection and load support in areas used by heavy vehicles and infrequent traffic patterns.

GeoPave® Porous Pavement System - The herringbone pattern GeoPave porous pavement system with aggregate infill provides a permeable, stabilized surface for high frequency and pedestrian load support. Made from 100% recycled polyethylene.

Innovative Shoreline Protection and Sediment Management – Polyurethane Bonded Aggregate (PBA) Systems utilizing the Elastocoast System proven over the past 10 years along Europe’s North Sea Coast.

Elastocoast’s strong polyurethane bonds secure aggregates at their contact points. This offers the benefit of a durable and stable structure that is proven to last over time. Elastocoast’s chemistry creates structure that offers both high porosity and high permeability; dissipating wave energy and reducing wave run-up for less coastline erosion.

Aqua-Filter™ Stormwater Filtration System is a highly effective in-line stormwater filtration structure capable of treating large flow rates.

Aqua-Guard™ Catch Basin Insert removes harmful contaminants from stormwater runoff.

Aqua-Swirl™ Concentrator provides a highly effective means for the removal of sediment and free-floating oil and debris from the “First Flush”.

Precast Concrete Modular Stormwater Management Systems - StormTrap® offers the industry’s best solutions for managing runoff, protecting waterways and improving the use of your property. Our stormwater management systems are designed to reduce overall footprint, accommodate any site restraints, and lower overall costs.

SingleTrap® offers a wide range of options and benefits. Whether you are working in an extremely limited space or you are trying to preserve the land above for parks, buildings, or parking lots, StormTrap can help.

DoubleTrap® Reduced installation costs combined with modular design and maximum land use.

Reactive porous pavement made from a combination of granite and recycled glass. A uniquely attractive, high permeability pavement that offers more LEED points than any other pavement while filtering contaminants from storm water.